Why should you upgrade your website browser?

As a web developer a common issue is browser testing. Everybody has a browser of choice be it Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or another browser.

All web browsers essentially do the same job and even look similar although some are more user friendly, faster and are kept up to date with the latest technologies.

A thorn in every web developer’s foot is the dreaded Internet Explorer, coming already installed on most PC’s. Modern web browsers automatically upgrade to the latest version to keep up to date with the latest technologies. Internet Explorer is well known by developers for its errors and inability to keep up with the latest technologies. This makes development harder as websites have to be coded and hacked to be backwards compatible to work in older browsers.

My browser of choice is Google Chrome. With its up to date technologies and speed. It is also a great developer browser as it provides the best console to edit and test websites.

The latest HTML5 and CSS3 technologies only work in the most current browsers, although hacks and backups for older browsers are available this adds time to development and therefore cost.

Not only does upgrading your website browser improve your user experience, speed and security, it also allows you to view and access the latest technologies and effects available to the web.

Upgrade your browser today!
It’s free!

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