Five reasons you may need a new website design

How do you know your website is due a refresh? 

Listed here are five reasons you may need a new website design.

One – Is your website responsive?

Does your website respond to different screen sizes and orientations?

Unresponsive websites are hard to navigate on mobiles and tablets. Users have to zoom in and out to see the websites content making it hard for users to interact which can push potential customers away. Website users want to easily access webpages without having barriers to content. 

If your website isn’t responsive Google decreases your page rank, demoting you within its search. To find out more about website responsiveness check out my earlier blog post here.


Two – Does your website generate leads?

Do you generate enquiries from your website? ‘Other than spam’ If your website isn’t generating leads maybe it’s time for a refresh.

Do you want customers to contact you or buy your product? You may be overloading your website visitors with too much information and not directing them to what you want them to see. It’s key to create call to actions that focus customers to what you are promoting.


Three – How does your website compare to your competition?

Have you looked at your competitors websites? How does your website compare? It may be time to get ahead of the competition.

A fresh modern website can increase visitors and customers to your website. If your website is looking unprofessional or outdated compared to your competition you may be missing out on sales.


Four – Can you update your websites content?

Are you having to go back to your web designer or developer every time you need to update the content on your website?

It may be time to upgrade your website to a content management system (CMS). A CMS will give you the ability to change anything on your website. You could add images, page and blog posts easily within your website browser.

My preferred CMS is WordPress, It is a simple to use framework which websites, blogs and online shops can be built upon. WordPress is free to download and offers some free but limited templates. To have your website converted to WordPress or a bespoke theme created get in touch.


Five – Are you connected to social media?

Are you on social media? Do you have a Facebook or Twitter account? Link your accounts to your website.

Having your website linked to social media is an invaluable marketing tool. It allows visitors of your website to see how you interact with the public; giving customers a sense of your brand and may help seal the deal when comparing you to your competition.


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